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Not all classes are effective. To ensure that additional educational assistance through tutorial services are available to students, Turong isko will be available on an online platform. This is done to provide assistance to students who need support in classes they need to review and prepare for.

USC Website: Iskolinks, Student Helpdesk, USC Bulletin

This portion of the website will gather available scholarships for UP students. This will serve as a database for scholarships. The relevant links for scholarship applications will be found here as well. A basic student service section that aims to help students with their administrative needs and concerns such as enrollment, shifting, cross registration, dropping, and etc. will be produced as well. Lastly, announcements from the university administration, status updates & statistics on key issues, minutes on general assemblies, and financial reports of the USC will be made available here.


To ensure that students will be receiving information beyond the online spaces, text updates on deadlines, registration, and important dates in the university will be sent to students regularly.

Curriculum Checklist x UPslots x Course Reqs

Ensure that enough classes are offered to students of the university in time for registration through a curriculum checklist that will give a more definite demand of classes; during registration, the students will be informed of the requirements and whether the classes held are synchronous or asynchronous.

Usapan Po

In  partnership with the Office of Counseling and Guidance, PsychServ, NGOs and other groups interested in addressing concerns about the students’ mental health, services like online peer-support groups, mindfulness workshops, MH hotline, and psycho-social services will be available on an online platform.

Virtual Org Desk

Virtual org desk hubs in partnership with the local college councils shall be established that will cater and assist to different org concerns such as in registration, tambayan, resources, among others;

Regular Org Consultations

The USC shall endeavor to consolidated gathered concerns and hold dialogues with proper UP Administration channels to ensure both immediate and long-term resolves for the different org concerns.

Revamped Org Database

Different organizations adapted to different modes online for communication. A redefined org database is one that will capture such adaptations by our organizations to ensure that a comprehensive org database is publicly accessible while ensuring compliance with data privacy and protection law.

PWD Agenda

Students with disabilities will be given the support that they specifically need. This is to ensure that the university will provide support to PWD students during remote learning especially now during the pandemic where support and services are limited.

Pass the Magna Carta, Break the Code

On multiple occasions amid this remote learning setup, the UP administration has outright denied the students’ calls for genuine academic ease in spite of overwhelming clamor from the student body. This exemplifies a key problem; we do not currently possess a codified list of students’ basic rights which we can hold the UP administration legally bound to uphold.

Bayanihan para sa Kapwa Isko

We aim to redefine representation by localizing its initiatives and reaching out to students through the help of fellow Iskolar ng Bayan appointed as area representatives, as well as provincial organizations to aid the USC in its onground initiatives by coordinating with other students located in their area

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