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Grad Assemblies

the Graduate students have specific concerns which must be regularly coordinated and addressed; the USC shall endeavor to consult grad students from different colleges whose end goal is to come up with a Grad Grievance List to be coordinated with the UP.

Grad Information Hub

We shall endeavor to keep basic student service needs accessible to the Grad Community by maintaining a consolidated hotlines of the USC Officers, respective committees, and UP offices for their different needs

Streamlined Enrollment Processes

The USC shall endeavor that current payment channels available to grad students are truly accessible, Consultations shall be conducted to reevaluate which platform is the best and shall be coordinated to the UP Administration and the USC will look and tap other payment schemes to make the process less restrictive. The grad students shall also benefit from our Asynchronous Syllabus Transparency so that different course requirements for their classes should be available to avoid unnecessary conflicts with their prior commitments.

Year Round Academic Ease

The USC will lobby to have a year-round academic ease institutionalized in the university. We will advocate for an approach to online learning that is conducive to the students’ current circumstances. We will assert to the administration to ensure that imposed academic requirements are reasonable. Compassion, sensitive to the needs of the students, should continuously be extended.

Connectivity for All

We will call on the UP administration to distribute connectivity load cards and provide additional subsidies to aid students in need. Concurrent to lobbying with the administration, we will also foster a culture of sharing resources with one another by pooling equipment (laptops, tablets, webcam) from fellow students and alumni. Consultations will be done to ensure that the needs will be properly mapped out.

Asynchronous Syllabus

Given the challenges to online learning, students must be made fully aware of the requirements of the class during registration. These syllabus will be made visible in CRS.

Quick Response Actions

In this online set-up, typhoons and frequent brown-outs significantly affect learning. The USC will establish a hotline system where affected students can reach out to. The primary goal is to ensure that students affected by power shortages will not carry the burden alone.

The Transition Plan

From stakeholder consultations, coupled with consultations with health experts, medical practitioners, scientists and educators, the USC will forward a transition plan towards a safe and gradual resumption to face to face classes. The call towards a humane learning set-up encompasses not just UP, but all of the country’s educational institutions, for the welfare of all Filipino students.

Build the Budget

To ensure that the budget process towards accessible education is participative, transparent and consultative, local College Committees will be institutionalized. We will ensure that these college committees composed of students representative of various student sectors are consulted during the drafting of the UP Budget

ISKOlarships and Research Grants

We will ensure that a greater number of students will be able to receive additional subsidies in the form of stipends and research grants. These financial assistance will not be based on merit, but based on need.

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