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Presidential Debate in UP

The USC will invite the Presidentiables in a virtual Town Hall where different candidates will have the chance to share their platforms and be asked by the UP Students.


A good governance ad hoc committee will be formed which will partner with different local student councils and the COMELEC to disseminate information on registration and coordinate potential concerns by the students in their local registration.


The USC will launch a comprehensive review of the Duterte administration which will highlight key social and economic issues on how the Duterte administration performed. The end goal is to produce a student’s Presidentiable checklist out of the assessed points for improvements of the admin to help search for the ideal candidate.

Curriculum Checklist x UPslots x Course Reqs

Ensure that enough classes are offered to students of the university in time for registration through a curriculum checklist that will give a more definite demand of classes; during registration, the students will be informed of the requirements and whether the classes held are synchronous or asynchronous.


The USC will launch a public-dissemination initiative that will monitor stances and elections-related activities

Duterte Out

Enough is enough. Our redefined normal entails that we draw the line and call out Duterte’s incompetency. At the same time, this also acknowledges that as the 2022 national elections draw near, a strengthened voter’s education campaign such as BotoWatch and DuterteByTheFigures must be maximized to empower our voters in choosing the next set of leaders in our country

Suporta Magsasaka

the farming industry has yet again took the toil of a failed Rice Tariffication Law among others regressive agricultural policies; the USC through the People’s Struggle’s committee shall endeavor to campaign for a long-term agrarian bill that is truly pro-farmers interest. At the same time, we will also ensure that in the present, commensurate farmer’s cash assistance are in place for the livelihood of our farmers;

Defend WPS

We will continue to campaign against China’s assertion and reaffirm our call to defend the West Philippine Sea such as supporting protests in both legal and diplomatic domains;

Defend Press Freedom

We will continue to lobby and call on Congress for the grant of franchise of the ABS-CBN; at the same time, we shall also integrate through the #BotoWatch initiative different issues highlighted in different news and media agencies;

Junk ATL Campaign

The USC will strengthen its local and national alliances and will lead a campaign calling to junk and declare the Anti-Terror Law unconstitutional. We will launch initiatives against red tagging through consciousness-raising initiatives and elevate it at a national discourse by holding those in national level accountable; we will support pending bills in Congress that aims to sanction government leaders found guilty of red tagging.

Engg and Scientists Research Budget

The USC will lobby through the Department of Science and Technology an increase in Research and Development Budget in the next General Appropriations Act (GAA) that could be earmarked for pandemic-preparedness research and technology; at the same time, the BalikLab budget could be lobbied in this budget line item

Bayanihan Act Budget Review

The USC will launch an FOI Series initiative on how Covid Budget was utilized by maximizing the Freedom of Information Executive Order in the different government agencies;

Pandemic Preparedness Budget

The USC will lobby for the passage of a Pandemic Preparedness Bill that will create an inter-agency pandemic bureau with the DOST, DOF, NDRRMC, and NEDA to address social, economic, and health concerns of preparing for the next pandemic.

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