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Health Hubs x CRS:

Integrate health tracking into CRS to collate and centralize data on student regarding their wellbeing. Data input by the students will be provided to the appropriate offices so that they may be notified of students who need extra and immediate assistance.

Vacc to School

The USC will lead a lobbying effort first to the university then to the local government unit to allow students who urgently need to go back to laboratory sessions in the campus to be vaccinated. Aside from these students, the frontliners in the University should also be prioritized, especially our security guards, custodians, and staff.

COVID 19 Insurance

The continuous stream of cases of COVID-19 is all the more reason why policies that aim to uphold the constituents’ health should be in place. The USC will forward a proposal to the OVCSA to lobby funds for a COVID-19 insurance, which ensures financial support for students that contract COVID-19, especially those in need of financial support.

Health Center Crowdsourcing

Despite the students’ being distributed across the Philippines, health should still be a priority. The University Student Council will collate and promptly disseminate a directory of health centers among every locality, catered to the health needs of every student, including but not limited to mental health and reproductive health.

UHS x PGH Streamlined Services

Every student should be made aware of platforms where they can access telemedicine services, whether it be for their physical or mental wellness. While we advocate for accessibility of health in digital mediums, physical facilities shouldn’t be forgotten. The USC will launch regular assessments of the University Health Service among members of the UP community to ensure quality healthcare to residents.

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